“We hear with the brain; the ears are the doorway to the brain for auditory information. Consequently, hearing loss is primarily a brain issue – not an ear issue.” 

Auditory Verbal Therapy Book by Warren Estabrooks, Karen MacIver-Lux, Ellen A. Rhoades

Our intention at Olipop Toyshop is to make Ling sound toys and puzzles easily accessible world wide to children that need them. We have created age appropriate, safe, quality, wooden educational toys focussing on the therapy of children using hearing technology. Our aim is to be able to distribute these toys and puzzles for use in homes, early intervention programs, school districts, speech/language pathology, teachers of the deaf and audiology practices.

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Thank you for your wonderful, high quality products! At last something that is culturally and linguistically appropriate for your little ones. The parents and children absolutely enjoy using your LMH toys – especially the puzzle boards. One parent indicated that using the LMH board makes her feel more confident in doing the LMH check. The pictures used to represent the sounds are exactly what they associate the sounds with in their language. Yeh! YOu hit the nail on the head with these high quality, easy to clean LMH toys.

Thank you OLIPOP toy shop for taking the time and energy to cater for our children who are deaf or hard of hearing! Can’t wait to refer more parents to you!

Mrs Isabel Schimper

Lecturer Faculty of Humanities, University of Pretoria
I have been thrilled to use the wooden Ling toys during my Early Intervention sessions with babies and young children. The Olipop Sound  toys are beautiful, high quality and a great alternative to plastic toys. 
The LMH puzzles are fun for preschool age children and a wonderful way to practice the crucial skill of listening and identifying speech sounds. 

Diana Kincaid

Early Intervention Teacher of the Deaf and hard of hearing

Working with families and their babies with hearing loss, the wooden Ling toys are fabulous. Robust quality. Perfect for listening to one by one. And babies love them!
The black and white Ling Puzzles are ideal for toddlers. High contrast, clear pictures Easy to identify and for little fingers to manipulate.

Mariette Nosworthy

Early Interventionist

The Ling toys and LMH puzzles have been so useful in my sessions with babies and children with hearing loss. These beautiful wooden toys and puzzles help the children build sound associations and attach meaning to what they hear, and they are fun to play with too!

Jenni Bester

LSL cert AVT

The Ling wooden puzzles are so lovely to use in my sessions for matching and posting activities. Perfect for little hands.

Barbara Kellett

LSL cert AVT

We love using our wooden Ling toys with our babies and toddlers. They are robust, fun to engage with and help the little ones to make associations between sounds and objects.

Sue Rumble

Speech and Language Therapist and Early Interventionist