You have everything you need around the house to keep your kids busy and even make it a speech therapy tool if need be.

Olipop toyshop - hearing therapy toy tipsIn June, when Olipop Toyshop attended the SACIG (South African Cochlear Implant Group) Conference, we were also able to attend the pre conference workshop.

Those who have been following since then, know this is where I ugly cried in front of all the incredible speech therapists. The speaker at the workshop was Francis Clarke from @AVUK. We were asked to all bring a common household item. We then divided into small groups and had to come up with some therapy ideas using this common household item. It was absolutely astounding to see how much we could do with these everyday household items. Some of the items included a spoon, an empty yogurt container, blanket, water bottle or a shopping bag.

There is so much to talk about each one of these items and since they are a part of the child’s everyday life, it becomes very practical.

Example: Empty yogurt container
– You can can chat about about what was in it, what it tasted like (mmm, tastes good)
– Open the container, don’t forget to close the container
– State its empty and perhaps find something else to fill it with and then its empty
– Can be used for pouring activities
– Storage
– Etc.

I know for us, an empty box, also equals countless hours (perhaps a bit of much…up to an hour) of fun and play. I have seen parents put kids inside a box with crayons. Other than hiding in the box, Oli also loves to take a pair of scissors and make holes in the box.