Olipop toyshop - upgrade and switch-on done

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Yesterday, Oli received his new cochlear implants, the N8’s. As I shared last week, I had a lot of apprehension about his upgrade appointment as Oli hadn’t been very excited about the idea of new cochlear implants. BUT…we were all incredibly surprised as it went so well.

Firstly, it was very exciting as Daniel also got to be at the appointment. We started with a booth test, which hasn’t been something that Oli loves but he was a star. We then went on to Leoni, Oli’s audiologist’s office and got things started. We started with his left ear, put on the new processor, connected it to the computer, programmed it and he immediately told us when he could hear us. No problem. Right side, was more less the same. Then when we were done, Oli asked for his old cochlear implants back. He wanted the cochlear implants with the Woody stickers on. We had chosen a new headband the night before but that wasn’t enough convincing. Then, thanks to Southern ENT, our Cochlear brand suppliers in South Africa, we got some cute little monster stickers for the N8’s. We put the stickers on with the new headband, but Oli still wasn’t convinced. Then out of one of the cochlear bags came another gift from Southern ENT, a stuffed animal, Lalela, the African Wilddog. With a bit of help and motivation from Almeri, Oli’s speech therapist and Dad, Oli tried the new head band and cochlear implants on Lelela. It was too big! Then Dad, tried them on and the headband was too small. Finally, Oli decided to try them on and…he wore them the whole day and put them on this morning, no problem.  Lalela was also at Oli’s side the rest of the day, in the car, at the movies and even went to sleep with him last night.

We decided to celebrate by going to watch a movie, Oli’s first in a movie theatre. Oli couldn’t get over the size of the tv and all the popcorn that he got to eat. His little flashing green lights were just adorable. The day had a lot of feels, realising how far we have come, and how incredible the technology is that has allowed Oli to enjoy his first movie and have access to sound on a daily basis. Our little Superhear-o’s journey continues and I am so excited to see what the next few years have in store for him and us as a family.